The Pony Series.

100% Australian Designed & Made


Inspired by 80’s BMX construction & fashion, the PONY Series is simple in form and ample in personality.


The PONY series is a tubular steel stool consisting of 3 individual sizes.

The ‘Little Nipper’ - The smallest in the range at 500mm(H)

The ‘PONY’ - The intermediate at 650mm(H). Suitable for breakfast nooks and higher tables.

The ‘Brumby’ - The largest in the series at 730mm(H). Ideal for commercial.

‘Elliss references the transience of design movements. Drawing upon the influence of Memphis postmodernism, Elliss’ response to the FLER CO & Staff Narvick daybed causes us to consider the intersection between movements, as both a reactive move beyond the contemporary, and as a retrospective acknowledgement of the continuum of time’.

— Joanne Cys Lfdia, Andrew Wallace, Anna Brown - Adelaide Modern- Aurora Chaise